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Arjuna Prabu Katili
SATURDAY, 3 DECEMBER 2011 – DENMAS PRIYADI BLOG - The play story of PARTODEWA or ARJUNA WIWAHA is one of the stories "Mahabharata" section to the III, namely "Wanaparwa". Created by master Kanwa in the reign of Airlangga 914-946 Saka or 1019 to 1042 AD. This story is a symbol for a person (ARJUNA) who struggles against temptation and lust wrath (NIWATAKAWACA). If someone is able to overcome all kinds of temptations of various kinds of passions rage it will get happiness both globally and in the Hereafter (Syurga).

One a time, the Pandavas when Arjuna Satriya panengah intend to seek true happiness by doing penance ask God to all his desire to obtain happiness both in this world and the hereafter granted. However, in his attempt was blocked Arjuna with all power and trickery by King Nitakawaca a giant king of the country Himantaka. With the magic of Arjuna in the end be defeated until dead (perlaya) Nitakawaca. Be Satriya panengah Pandava Arjuna was a king in the fairy kingdom of King Katili syurga title.

Wara Sumbadra goddess wife and brother of Sri Krishna Arjuna Arjuna followed the royal Majesty Katili Angel in Syurga. In his journey to Sri Krishna and Goddess syurga Wara Sumbadra see hell with the residents who are being tortured with all the suffering that endured until the kingdom of Angel in Syurga. Arjuna empress, goddess Wara Sumbadra and her old brother Sri Krishna encountered and witnessed firsthand the King Katili, the Arjuna with all happiness life experiences.

A short story by persuasion Sri Krishna and his wife, Dewi Wara Sumbadra whom she loved it, finally King Arjuna Katili Marcapada want to go back to the (world) to re-knit the world's happiness with his wife goddess Wara Sumbadra.

Tumenggung Dipaningrat opinion of Solo, "Although the source of the story above story is taken from the Mahabharata, but the story has changed so much puppetry and tailored to the teachings of Islamization". (Islamic Elements In Puppets, p.97)

The conclusion of the story of Arjuna Wiwaha or Partodewa is to describe when someone is able to defeat and control various kinds of temptations and evil desires that exist in him it will get happiness both in this world and the hereafter. This is as contained in our holy Qur'an The letter states:

"Those who believe and do good work, they are the best of creatures. Their reply on the side of their God, heaven, heaven where statutes, the rivers flowing to him and they will abide therein. God willing they Jaunty him and also him. That is for those who submit to his Lord ". [AL-QUR'AN ALBAYYINAH LETTER: 7-8]

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