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S. Sudjojono
            MONDAY, 5 DECEMBER 2011 - Denmas Priyadi BLOG - S. SUDJONJONO born in Range, High Cliff, North Sumatra. Date and the month has not been clearly known around the year 1913. His mother named Narijem, his father named SinduDarmo who migrated to the Deli as contract workers oranng namely those imported from the land of Java to be employed in the plantation soil Deli beginning of the 20th century. Mr. Sind has a nice voice and often read and sing the song-song mocopat java, java-language fairy tale form of song or chant. His mother, Narijem also known as Shamans who can treat various diseases. Therefore, many meritorious in the local community, plus the wit and craft and dedication to the company's plantation, sir Sind by a plantation company was appointed nurse in a hospital in Tebingtinggi convicts.
            When he was old enough, S. Sudjojono by her parents enrolled in school HIS Boedi Oetomo at High Cliff. In these schools children were classified as S. Sudjojono intelligent. Because of this intelligence, he was much loved by both the teacher and Mr. Yudhakusuma Sudarminto. In 1926. For the sake of the progress of their children, parents approve of her son S. Sudjojono asked by Mr Yudhakusuma to Jakarta even though the child was not yet finished school, sitting in class VI.
            In Jakarta S. Sudjojono continue his schooling in his first at Petojo Arjuna, who is also a school where teaching Yudhakusuma pack. Mr. S. Sudjojono Yudhakusuma raised as a child. It was he who always gives encouragement, enthusiasm and motivation to Sudjojono to nurture, develop a penchant in the drawing.
After graduated from HIS 1928 S. Sudjojono, shall be borne by scholarship from the association Theosofi, which one is Mr. Yudhakusuma member own, continue their education to HIK Gunungsari, Lembang, Bandung. In this school, as well as the other students living in dormitories S. Sudjojono with parent number 101. The number is always he wrote in all his inventory items, glasses, plates, pillows, and others. Even in each of the works of paintings S. Sudjojono write the code SS-101.

          S. Sudjojono at this school only up to grade III. Expelled from school because of naughtiness and stubbornness that often revolted, bring friends wandering in the middle of the night, lit firecrackers to wake everyone. Mr. Yudhakusuma a great love for his adopted son was sent to Yogyakarta S. Sudjojono. There in that capacity by Mr. Sudarminto also his teacher in Student Park, High Cliff first.

         1933, by Mr. Sudarminto, S. Sudjojono included rapid course to become a teacher. After graduation, he was sent to Rogo Rogo Charm to Charm, East Java, to teach in schools in the newly opened Student Park. In this school, he taught about a year.
           S. Sudjojono also likes playing football and never enter Indonesia Youth Club. When he was in Yogya, he had developed a hobby of it. On the football field this Yogya S. Sudjojono met with Rush who later became well-known painter. When it Rusli school in Taman Muda Student Park.

          During one year in Charm Rogo, he returned to Jakarta in school teach Student Park on the road Kadiman, Petojo led by the father of S. Mangun Sarkoro. At that time he has developed his love of painting. S. Sudjojono love to read, especially karaya literature, philosophy, and everything to do with painting. He often get the books he was looking for it on Flea Market Monday, all of which makes it grow and expand, becoming an artist painting a calculated, namely the artist who has a mission and vision for the future. He wanted to use art as a means to achieve these goals his spiritualism more noble.

          He was not satisfied with the state of the art of painting at that time revealed that only about mere physical beauty of the natural beauty that is naturalistic. He has a different vision of the painters of his day, was already visible at the time to learn the art of painting on Mr. Pirngadi. He was told to draw the object of the situation in his school life activities. After finishing the painting is completed, Mr. Pirngadi commented, "why you draw like a school yard macul course!". Likewise, when he drew his old soccer shoes object, given the comments by Mr. Pirngadi, "really just drawn an old shoe!"
           Linked with it, disclose it to Mr. S. Sudjojono Yudhakusuma adoptive father, "Mr. Yudha kusuma! Why is flavor-taste my pictures really dirty? However, the pack Yudha simply replied," What do you mean by dirty? "That's the unic art weirdness because maybe that was too good dirty. The answer is heartening S. Sudjojono. With a more powerful heart he continued to paint, even though he realized that the colors and the resulting line shape is very different from the paintings of his contemporaries.

     S. Sudjojono was in the hospital undergoing treatment of pain in her lungs at P Thousand Onrust Sanatorium in 1935, he saw an ad in one newspaper that invites painters, anyone, to include the work of his paintings in a prestigious exhibition, with prizes that will be held in Kunstkring, The Netherlands. S. Sudjojono include painting entitled "The Girl And Cats" which depicts a girl playing dakon. The painting received first prize. This makes S. Sudjojono increasingly convinced of his talent as a painter.
Kunstkring is an association of Dutch painter who held a very active arts activities. The members most Dutch people, but there are also people of Indonesia, especially the academic painters. Although the work of S. Sudjojono've got a gift of this association, he has not been accepted as members.

           As a response to the rejection Kunstkring who did not accept him as a member, S. Sudjojono with Agoes Djayasoeminta who also teaches at the School of Arjuna Petojo, together with the painter contemporaries, founded the Indonesian Bar Association Expert Gam, PERSAGI. Agoes Djayasuminta its chairman, secretary S. Sudjojono. Its members are S. Toetoer, Soekirno, Soetioso, Surono, Otto Djayasuminta, Abdul Salam. They all in general is the sign painter.

          The main focus of PERSAGI is painted together. Least once a month they get together to do the painting exercise. Sometimes they go to a place to look for objects lukisan.Setahun they practice, then Agoes Djayasuminta felt it was time to hold a joint exhibition. PERSAGI the first exhibition held in bookstores G. Kolff, Ir.H.Djuanda road. In this first exhibition of the most widely exhibited paintings are the work Agoes Djayasuminta. Excellent response to the public. Press the Netherlands, Indonesia and Chinese press praised him. This causes more profound confidence to develop the art of painting as  a medium of artistic expression.

          By a director of the factory paint "Par" is also a collector of paintings S. Sudjojono, Agoes Djayasuminta and other artists a chance to see the works of European painters through Regnault Collection Exhibition which was held a few times. Collection of paintings including works of a painter who was famous among other things, Van Gogh, George Seurat, Paul Cezanne and others.

          On this occasion S. Sudjojono began writing criticism. Giving a review-reviews that praised the exhibition. He was the first Indonesian painter who writes criticism in the Indonesian language. Typical style of criticism, with the words to praise even the paintings on display.

          In every work of paintings and writings krtiknya, S. Sudjojono always put the code "SS 101" At this time also he painted in front of the Nets who is now a collection of the Palace of the Republic of Indonesia. Painting "In Front Nets", described the hard life depicted suana with a strong sense of realism. One critic said that this painting is a painting of the same position with the painting "Mother" by Affandi. Both are important milestones in the history of Indonesian art.

          In contrast to the style of the artist as Pirngadi, Abdullah Surio Subroto, Wakidi and others, paintings by S. Sudjojono and Affandi not naturalistic style. Which appear in their paintings are the real truths in life is not just about nature presented by naked eyes, soft, beautiful and naturalistic. In the paintings of S. Sudjojono and Affandi is evident is the truth that is spiritual expression that exist in the soul, emotions, sad, happy, hard etc.. ( Saturday, June 20, 2010 - Slamet Priyadi in Lido )

Lukisan karya S. Sudjojono "Hukum"
Bebas Sepenuhnya by S. Sudjojono 

Gerilya by S. Sudjojono

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